The Longest Week

I used to not like the whole instagram post thing, but I think I'm starting to like it. We'll see if this sticks, ha. This week feels like it's been never ending! That said, I've been loving the weather lately — super gloomy and overcast with a bit of rain. I'll take it.

• Amazing bookstore which happens to be next to my favorite bookstore. Rereading one of my favorite classics, The Great Gatsby. Had my first proper ramen and now I think I'm addicted! Yum!
• Richard taking a photo of me with his snazzy new phone. White wine for me, coffee for him and a desert to share while I blog and he works. I've fallen in love with wearing his shirts with my disco pants; the most effortless but cute outfit ever!
• Gorgeous skies and turning leaves. Peppermint tea love affair. My Gryffindor outfit (though I'm 100% Slytherin).
• Reading a bit of What Shall I Wear Today? by Fifi Lapin. Had sandwiches at Stanford (Ike's I ♥ you). Discovered the super crazy counters at the Nordstrom close to my house aka bad news for the wallet.

Super excited for this week. Awaiting a loooot of packages, working on a super secret project with Richard, and lots of other fun things happening! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

PS. You can find me on instagram here: @chels

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