Monthly Recap: L I F E

I haven't done one of these in a while and I thought it'd be fun to give a little update on what I've been doing outside of my blog. That said, I've been so busy lately between blogging and work, I barely have time to do anything else!

Richard and I did a ton of shopping last month which resulted in new shoes for the both of us as well as leather jackets. I don't even know if it'll get cold enough here to wear it a lot, but I have worn it a few times and it'll definitely be perfect for nights in SF. Other than that, I bought some collartips, worked from the comfort of my bed, ate some beans on toast <3, and got a haircut! Yay life.

The next few months are going to be packed solid full of trips to see family for holidays and I'm interested to see how long it takes before I get seriously stressed, ha. Aside from that, I need to get a new passport which I've been putting off for a while (procrastination at it's finest). I'll be applying to LCC this year which means the possibility of me moving to London which I'm both excited and scared about (which is also something I've been putting off, oops!). Weeeeee'll see what happens!

What has everyone else been up to this past month? Any fun trips planned?


  1. looks like you've been having a great time!


  2. Looks like you've been pretty busy! Good luck on your application to LCC, its a great college!


  3. Woo, congrats and good luck on the applying thing! I like your shot of all the ilford film... I miss the days when i actually knew about photography! Lol and making prints was fun (the film developing bit not so much lol)


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