Birchbox Man: October 2012

Birchbox Man · $20/mo

This months BB Man is pretty badass if I do say so myself (Richard thinks so too ;). When I took the package out of the mailbox I was like "why the hell is this so heavy?!". I now know why.

First up are the Teroforma Whisky Stones — how awesome are these? They're one of those things that I've looked at/considered buying for Richard but never did. Luckily we're now the proud owners of six which means no more watered-down bourbon! They come with a cute little pouch to keep them in and a set of instructions so we can be sure we're using them correctly (can you really go wrong?).

Going along with the theme of alcoholic beverages, he also received a BB Man jigger — another thing we've thought about buying but never have. Precisely poured cocktails here we come! They also included a $10 gift card (not pictured) to Caskers, a craft spirits website, which I thought was a nice touch.

As with every other box, there are some everyday skincare/lifestyle products thrown in as well. This month is:

  • Samples of Nickel Super Clean Scrubbing Gel, Super Speed Moisturizer, and Morning After Rescue Gel — all products are spa quality and should be interesting to try.
  • Cartier D├ęclaration Eau De Toilette — A citrusy but musky scent which I've fallen in love with and seems perfect for the fall season. 
  • Borghese Fango Delicato — A mud face mask rich in minerals for delicate dry skin. We all know how much Richard loves face-masks so this is a pretty foolproof item!
  • The Art of Shaving Unscented Pre-Shave Oil (not pictured) — This kind of got lost under the other stuff so I forgot to take a photo (and to be fair I'm really not bothered). We have a few samples of this in the house and Richard is a bit meh on the whole Art of Shaving brand, so it's whatever!

What do you guys think of this months box from Birchbox Man? Totally loving all the drink making goodies!


  1. Seems really cool! Maybe I should get my boyfriend a subscription to this!


  2. Those whiskey stones look so awesome! I might have to get some for Coen, the boy does love his whiskey.


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