Anastasia Want You To Want Me Eye Shadow Palette

I've been looking for a new palette, preferably one that would have colors to compliment all the berry/wine colored lipsticks I've been wearing lately. Upon searching the depths of the internet, I came across this limited edition holiday set and knew I had to have it.

The set comes with a palette of 9 colors, a sleek black liquid liner, a clear brow gel, and a little bitty brush. I already own the Anastasia Brow Wiz, so the brow gel will definitely compliment that on days where my brows are a little unruly. I've strayed away from black liner completely as it seems a bit harsh on me lately but I'm still excited to try this one (possibly for nights out). The whole kit is supposed to be a "nod to the glam and decadence of the 1970’s" hence the names of the colors, and I think it's such a cute idea.

The palette itself is full of gorgeous purples, mauves, pinks, and tans which are so perfect for this season considering the trends. The colors blend effortlessly and seem to stay on well with no issues at all. They're velvety smooth and just lovely to use. For the price it's honestly a steal, so if you're looking for a little something new, try and get your hands on this! My only qualm about this is that it's made of that velvety fabric (like the UD Naked palette) so it's already full of fuzzies! Oh well. Still worth it ;)

What do you guys think of the set? Are you loving the colors in the palette as much as I am?

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  1. Such a cute palette, the colours are really nice and subtle. The packaging is really cute too!


  2. this palette looks gorgeous, i love the rose gold detailing of the anastasia packaging. the purples are so pretty. i've just made my first anastasia purchase, i got the tinted brow gel, so nice! xx

    1. Yeah it's sooo nice! I'm in love — hopefully the purples will look nice on me! You should check out the Brow Wiz, it's soooo lovely! xx

  3. love the color palette! the packaging is GORGEOUS! will definitely buy this weekend :)


  4. I WANT THIS! where did you purchase it from?
    great review, thankyou!


    1. I got it from Nordstrom! I think it's on Sephora's website too :) x

  5. i think the purples will look nice on you! :) yay. I'm glad you are liking it so far!


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