Birchbox Man: September 2012

Another month, another men's Birchbox. It's kind of nice that not only Richard looks forward to getting these, but I do as well. I'm still really in love with the idea of a beauty box for men considering that there are many guys out there who do spend time on themselves.

The MeUndies that was in this box couldn't have been anymore hilarious/awesome/perfect. Who would have thought to put a pair of boxer-briefs in this box? Richard has this love for undergarments (socks included) so he was pretty excited about these. They're ridiculously soft, thin, and there's no annoying tag. Win!

The Bálla Powder was something I found interesting. It's a manly-scented talcum powder that you can put anywhere to stop odor and perspiration; "feet, underarms, nether regions — for dryness and comfort" as the card says. Use as you wish, I suppose!

Oribe isn't a new brand within the men's Birchbox — we saw their stuff in the August box as well. This Créme can work with dry or wet hair, giving texture, definition, and a flexible hold. Richard usually uses clays and waxes, but I'll see if I can get him to try this baby out. Next up is the ZIRH Clean Face Wash which is right up his alley as we've spent a liiiiittle too much at Kiehl's this month on skincare (oops!). You're supposed to massage it on damp skin and it'll help clear out dead skin and dirt — gross, but awesome.

Last but definitely not least is the BVLGARI MAN Eau De Toilette. It's definitely a bit musky for my taste, but I still think it's a really gorgeous scent. It's got vetiver and bergamot which gives a manly but sweet scent all at the same time. It smells a bit rich, like old money type men, but I definitely think this would be a nice addition to the sweeter scents Richard usually goes for.

So that's that! Another amazing Birchbox for the men in our lives. What do you guys think of this months box?


  1. I love this. I wonder if the undies company is Australian? Really bogan (hillbilly) people in Australia pronounce my as me instead. I don't even know why it matters lol :)

    My fiance and I are moving to SF in the next 6 weeks, so I think I'll sign him up for this. Do you think Birchbox women is worth the money?

    1. That's funny — though I'm pretty sure they're US based :)

      You should definitely sign him up if he's into stuff like this. This is Richard's third box and he loves them! The women's one is iffy. I'm waiting for my third box now and if it's not great I'm more than likely cancelling. That said, Glossybox is amazing so far! Also you're moving here?! That's awesome! x

  2. It looks like it! It makes sense to launch Popbasic over in the US vs. Australia. Most of our signups have been US based :) I think I'll sign up for Glossybox, the UK one always looks amazing.


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