Glossybox USA: September 2012

Glossybox · $21/month

I feel like I've been waiting forever to get this box. After the first one (last month), I knew I had fallen in love with Glossybox so I was excited when I went to check the mail and surprise, there it was.

This month is all about new formulas, technologies and colors of the season. We all know the hype around BB creams so receiving a 50ml bottle of one was really awesome — it's a Korean brand as well which is a nice change since they seem to be less readily available here.

Cleansing waters are another huge trend in beauty and skincare at the moment (I'm looking at you, Bioderma) and is another product I haven't tried so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what the fuss is about.

As a curly-haired girl, I was obviously really stoked to see some Global Keratin products thrown in this month. I've got a keratin straightener and use a few hair products infused with it which all work really well together, so I'm interested to see how these will work out for me. Anything that helps tame frizz is exactly what I want.

Lastly is the cute little Glossybox lipstick. I'm a huge fan of the color; it's a bright-but-dusty rose with a gloss finish from what I can tell. Looks like it will go perfectly with the new blushes I've just bought!

What did you guys think of the September Glossybox? I'm already (im)patiently awaiting next month's!


Watch the Leather, Man

Peplum Top · Topshop
Skirt · Gifted (thanks Mama)
Leather Jacket · Zara
Boots · Topshop

I can promise you one thing: I haven't stopped thinking about this jacket since the moment I tried it on in Zara. Even after I spent way too long gazing at it on the website, trying it on once again in the store, and even after purchasing it's still been on my mind. That's how much I love it.

I never thought of myself as the leather jacket type but I have to admit (humbly) that I really do think this totally suits my personality. A bit Easty, maybe? I really love how it adds edge to this otherwise super girly outfit — paired with the boots makes it even better. 

I'm really into peplum tops at the moment — I think they're really flattering and accentuate the waistline and hips in a gorgeous way. Put it together with a short pencil skirt I've got a cute little outfit for date night/nights out/whatever. The whole ensemble is pretty versatile which is what I like about it. I could pair it with a cardigan for day and switch to the leather jacket at night. So good. You can definitely expect to see this jacket in future posts, that's for sure.

Also if you're wondering where I came up with the title for this post, I present you with this.


Lancôme Le Curler

Going along with the theme of eyelashes I figured I'd show you all another little tool I use to help achieve those long and lengthy lashes. The same day I got my beloved Dior Iconic Mascara, the Sephora MUA told me about an amazing set of eyelash curlers that would essentially blow my mind. She explained that unlike a lot of other curlers these don't pull on/pinch your eyelids and give you an incredible curl that lasts all day (she also told me that she uses them herself and her lashes looked stunning so I was basically sold). I had been using the same curlers for a reeeeeally long time and figured maybe I should finally invest in a better pair. Well, I'm glad I did.

These are really really wonderful. They give you a crazy awesome curl but are surprisingly gentle — there's no pulling/tugging or pinching feeling at all when you use them. It also takes a lot less effort; with my old pair I had to press hard to get a decent curl and with these the softest close + hold gives you an almost perfect curl! I usually use 1-2 times per eye to get the look I want, following the directions that were on the box. All in all I'm glad I spent the money on these because they're really just a dream to use!

What's your favorite brand of eyelash curlers? Have you tried these?


Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum & Diorshow Iconic Mascara

As of late I've been a bit obsessed with trying to figure out how to make my lashes look longer and fuller without the use of falsies. 

After trying, I immediately fell in love with Dior's Lash Pluming Serum.  I already have pretty full lashes but this helps separate them and add a bit more volume. I can't imagine applying mascara without this now; it's seriously perfect! 

My next step was to try to find a mascara that would add the dramatic length that I was looking for. My first run was with a different Dior mascara which I wasn't a fan of and promptly returned. I then went for a different brand, Lancome, and while really wonderful, it still wasn't what I was looking for. This weekend I went into Sephora and asked one of the MUA's for advice and told her what I was looking for. She immediately took me to the Dior section and although I was a bit hesitant I trusted her advice and bought the Diorshow Iconic Mascara. She couldn't have picked a more perfect product; I'm absolutely in love.

It keeps my lashes separated, adds a bit of curl, and lengthens like I cannot believe. I'm not really one to use the "holy grail" term that we hear so often in the blogging universe but honestly? This is my holy grail mascara. I don't really see myself using anything else for a loooooong time and can honestly say this is the best mascara that I have ever tried. So obsessed!

What do you guys think of Dior's mascara collection? Have you used the Plumping Serum? What did you think? P.S. You can see the bigger version of my after photo here!


Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Peach Mosaic

I'm a huge fan of Laura Mercier products, or atleast the ones I've tried. I used her Silk Creme Foundation every day and though the thought of trying something else has crossed my mind, I'm not sure I'd ever make the switch. Her products are always really amazing quality so when I saw this I knew I had to have it!

I've had this for quite some time now (three months maybe?) and absolutely love using it as a highlighter on the apples of my cheeks and along my cheekbones. It gives a really beautiful glow and looks even better in the sunlight. I'm really into highlighters and anything that brightens my face so this product is definitely something I love using. The bloc itself is seriously gorgeous, I mean, look at it. I usually use my Real Techniques stippling brush to apply; swirling it in the shimmer bloc and stippling/buffing it into my cheeks and around until I get the finish I like. 

What do you guys think of the Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc? What are some of your favorite highlighters?


MAC Dark Side Lipstick

You know that feeling that you get when you go through your MAC products and realize you finally have six empties which means you can get a free lipstick? No? Well it's a really good feeling.

So after hoarding keeping MAC empties for months I discovered I had six which is awesome because I'm seriously obsessed with lip products lately. I figured I should get something different from my normal pinks/corals ( Angel, Cut A Caper, etc) but was seriously afraid to commit to something darker. Berry and dark purple are huge colors this fall so I took a step out of my comfort zone and had the lovely MAC MUA show me a few shades.

Dark Side looks a hell of a lot darker in the tube than it does on the lips but it's still a seriously pigmented lipstick. The great thing about it? I can wear it dark or light. By just patting it on my lips instead of applying normally I get a lighter but still lovely color (I did that in yesterdays post). Anyway I'm already in love with this color and have been wearing it like, everyday. So much for being afraid of darker lips!

What do you guys think? Do you love the deep berry/purple lipstick trend as much as I do?


Berry and Wine

Jumper · Topshop
Collared Shirt · Forever 21
Skirt · Urban Outfitters 
Boots · Topshop

I spotted this jumper at Topshop in Nordstrom and couldn't leave without it, literally. Something about it just really caught my eye and the moment I put it on I was 100% in love with it. SO SOFT. SO COMFY. Also Richard said "you look like you're out of Harry Potter", and if that isn't the best compliment ever I don't know what is.

I'd been looking for something to wear the collared shirt and floral skirt with and funnily enough they both seem to work incredibly with the jumper. Easy peasy. 

The boots are everything I have been looking for — black, leather, chunky heel, versatile. I can dress them up or down, skirts or leggings, they seem to just go amazing with everything I own... and did I mention they're seriously comfortable?! Also, they're Chelsea boots. Yeah. Exactly.

Happy Monday! 


Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey

I know that everyone has their favorite type of makeup — whether it be mascara, eyeshadow or foundation. I wasn't really sure what mine was until this week and then I realized how much I absolutely love lipstick/lip products in general. It's kind of funny since I never used to wear color on my lips and now I almost always do!

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains are pretty great quality for what they are and I've been using this quite a bit since getting it. It's kind of close to my normal lip color but just a little darker which makes it really easy to wear in the day time. The thing I like about this product most is unlike most "stains" which usually look tacky and kind of gross, these go on smoothly, don't dry out your lips, and the color stays for a pretty good amount of time!

They have a minty smell and feel to them which is nice but to be fair you really don't notice it all that much. I'm not usually one to check out lipsticks or other lip products at drugstores because I prefer to try on a color before I buy it, but for the price of these it's totally worth it (also there are a plethora of reviews so that helps :)! I'll definitely be checking out some other colors now — let me know if you have any recommendations!

What do you guys think of the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains? What are some other great colors in the collection?


Caudalie Divine Oil

Caudalie's Divine Oil is a product that I have been waiting to get for a few months now. It wasn't that I was unsure, but more that I just wasn't ready to drop almost $50 on an oil. But guys, this isn't just an oil — it's a multi-purpose multi-use divine oil. Spray it on your body after showering for the softest skin ever, spritz it on the ends of your hair for a bit of extra treatment, or spray in the bath for the most luxurious at-home experience ever.

This stuff seriously lives up to its name and as usual, Caudalie does not disappoint. A lot of body/hair/etc oils can leave you feeling a bit greasy but this stuff is so light and application is so easy because it's a spray bottle (unlike most oils which are pumps or squeeze bottles which often disperse a bit too much product). The mix of rose and white musk with a hint of a few other things like vanilla, pink pepper, and grapefruit, make this a seriously gorgeous smelling product. I literally cannot get enough. 

I can't express enough just how soft and hydrated your skin feels after spraying this on and massaging it in. It's kind of one of those things you just have to trust me about and/or just try it for yourself. I can assure you that once you do, you'll want it as bad as I did, buy it, and never look back. 


PIXI Lip & Line

After I did my Wild Wild Horses post, I had a few people ask what lip color I was wearing so I figured I'd do a post about it!

I got this PIXI Lip & Line in a Birchbox last month and immediately fell in love with it. The color looks amazing with my skin tone, it smells wonderful, and it's a dream to apply and use. I've never used a lip liner before but love this because it matches the lipstick perfectly and theres no mess or fuss — it's totally simple. 

It's long-wearing but not drying and feels as though it's conditioning your lips as you wear it. It also smells really great; hints of coconut and I'm not sure what else, but either way it's lovely. It's easily become one of my favorite lip products and I find myself reaching for it constantly. It's also really a great color for fall, so I'm sure I'll be using this a lot in the coming weeks/months. I'm pretty eager to try out some of PIXI's other products now — any recommendations? 


LUSH: Autumn Favorites

Fall is just around the corner which means it's time for chunky sweaters and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. It also means changing up my shower and moisturizing routine. My skin tends to dry out in the fall especially as I start wearing more layers to keep myself warm. There are way more LUSH products that I use daily, but these are just my favorites especially for the coming seasons.

Flying Fox is the ultimate fall shower gel — with honey and jasmine and a bit of spice, this is honestly one of the best smelling things LUSH makes. It reminds me of leaves changing and Thanksgiving at home, but more than anything else, it seems to keep my skin pretty hydrated and soft. The scent seems to linger throughout the day, keeping my mood elevated from the sweet yet spicy scent.

Silky Underwear is my next pick. While some may say that Lustre would go better with the aforementioned (because they basically smell the same), I prefer use this dusting powder instead. It literally melts into my skin giving me a soft finish while leaving me with the loveliest jasmine scent, which is great with the ever-lingering honey smell of Flying Fox.

Ro's Argan can only be described in one word: divine. It's got the most gorgeous rose smell and fits in beautifully (scent wise) with the other two products as if they were all made to work together.  It really does an amazing job at conditioning and hydrating my skin, leaving me feeling smooth and moisturized for days.

Last but not least is my favorite cleanser of all time, 9 to 5. I use this year round but when I'm feeling like my body and face need an overall cleanse from being cooped up in thicker clothes, I reach for this. It smells incredible, is pretty light for a cleanser and leaves me feeling so fresh (and so clean clean). It really is one of the best overall cleansers that I've ever used!

Have you guys used these products before? What are your favorite LUSH fall picks?

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