LUSH Emotional Brilliance

My lovely sister-in-law works at LUSH in England and sent me a few things for my birthday. I was super excited because I love LUSH to bits and the fact that they were coming out with a make-up line was just too perfect.

The marketing for the line is pretty wonderful; it's all about conveying and portraying yourself through their cosmetics and colors. Feeling a little passionate? Pop on their Passionate lipstick. As LUSH Co-founder Mark Constantine said, "You choose the colour that represents a word. As long as you believe in that word, it’s got nothing to do with anyone else.". Obviously not everyone is going to use them this way, but the idea is cute, non?

I'm absolutely in love with what I've used so far. Sophisticated is my new favorite cream eyeshadow — it's perfect for my skin tone and is versatile enough to be used day and night. The Feeling Younger skin tint is seriously amazing. It works wonderfully as a highlighter, adding a bit of glow and shimmer right to your cheek bones. I'm already planning to do a FOTD (face of the day) using most of the products I can so you guys can see just how amazing this stuff is.

What do you guys think of LUSH's makeup line? Do you think their marketing will be successful in getting people to wear how they feel, so to speak?


  1. I love Lush! There's one across the street from me so I am always popping in! So lucky you have a connection haha! xx emileeanne

    1. So jealous! There's a few in San Francisco and I'm good friends with the manager at one but it's hard to get up there since we've moved south. Jealous that you live so close, ahhh! x

  2. I never actually used anything from Lush except for bath and body products. Good to know they have awsome beauty products as well. Thx for the post :)

    1. If you ever need any reccs let me know :) x

  3. I am really interested in trying a few of these products out. I just subscribed, love your blog :) I would love it if you could check out my blog too :)

    1. They're definitely worth trying! I just checked out your blog and love it, you're gorgeous! x

  4. Hey Doll!

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  5. Found you through Beautylish, I can't wait to see more ;)
    Makeup by Rachel

  6. hey girl! saw your post on Chictopia. just started following you. hope you'll follow back :)


  7. I love LUSH. I really want to try these out. Love your pictures!

  8. Exciting! I got the charisma skin tint but I definitely want to try the others. I tested a lip color or two and those were pretty good, but I totally didn't try the eye stuff. Can't wait to hear more about what you got - what a nice sister in law you have! :)


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