Dreaming of Ice Cream

Jersey Skater Skirt · Topshop
Wedges · H&M

The fact that there isn't a Topshop here in the Bay Area makes my heart cry a little bit. It's my favorite store in the entire world and I feel a little jealous of anyone who can go whenever they want. Yes, I know I can shop online, but what's the fun in that? Their clothes seem to fit like a dream and everything I found there was as if it was made for me. Plus, trying on clothes is half the fun of shopping!

I found this top which I was a bit iffy about (until I tried it on) and absolutely loved it paired with this skirt. I'm a sucker for any kind of collar so I kind of couldn't say no. Also, hello?! How cute are the ice cream cones?! 

The Jersey Skater Skirt is probably the best skirt I own because it's soooo comfortable and goes with everything. Blouses, t-shirts, sweaters, you name it and it will probably look super cute with the skirt. The wedges I've had for-ev-er — they were super cheap, probably $25 or so and have lasted me 6+ months which is pretty long considering how much I've worn them. I'm pretty sure H&M is still carrying them so I may have to go in and grab a new pair because these are starting to fall apart :(

It's still taking me forever to shoot, edit, and upload outfit posts, but they're the most fun and totally worth the time and effort. I hope you guys enjoy this little number as much as I do!


  1. I loooove your outfit, you are so beautiful



  2. chelsea, this is lovely!! both you and the outfit—so pretty :)

  3. simple yet lovely! <3


  4. Gorgeous shirt and lovely outfit! You're beautiful :) x

  5. This is such a cute outfit! I love that top, and I really want one of those skirts! I need a black skirt that goes with everything!

  6. I love the playful ice cream pattern and your hair looks gorgeous. Nice blog!



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