Joico K-PAK Revitaluxe Bio-Advanced Restorative Treatment

I'm always in the market for deep conditioners, hot oil treatments and basically anything else to help bring my dry hair back to life. I saw this little mini in CVS yesterday and couldn't really say no to it. 

I've used Joico products for quite a while; their K-PAK line a few years ago and now their Moisture Recovery line which I really really love. Their products smell amazing and always seem to get the job done, plus they're not too pricey and totally worth it anyways.

I used this this morning in the shower and got instant results. My dry ends felt ridiculously soft and moisturized right as I rinsed the stuff out. Still a bit skeptical, I got to drying/styling my hair (which is basically when I can tell if something has made any effect on my hair at all). I blow-dried as usual and was super impressed with how shiny and hydrated my hair felt. Even after straightening and curling my hair was way shinier and felt a lot less brittle than normal. I've got to say, even after only one use I'm really excited about using this stuff again and definitely see myself purchasing the full size once I run out. 

What do you guys think of Joico? Have you used any products by them? What are your favs?


  1. I love Joico's K-Pak line. I've never tried this stuff specifically, but the shampoo and conditioner was a miracle and if I could afford it now without my salon hookup I'd be stockpiling it for the foreseeable future.

    1. Get this one at CVS for $6 and see how you like it. They have lots of minis and you can make them last pretty long. I usually do shampoo minis and full sized conditioner because I use sooo much conditioner on my ends x

  2. I'm gonna have to try this one. For 6 bucks, I'm sure it's a good deal!
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