Benefit: Full Glam Ahead

On my way out of Sephora I saw this little box of goodness and couldn't resist. After my amazing experience with Sun Beam I figured why not try a few more products from Benefit aaaaand of course, I wasn't let down.

BADgal Lash is my new favorite mascara. The brush amazing; it's really big and thick which helps plump up my lashes while adding a nice amount of length. The bottle itself is cute (as with a lot of Benefit's branding) and I definitely see myself repurchasing this once this little bottle runs dry.

High Beam is hyped up like none other. Everyone seems to say its like model-in-a-bottle so I was really excited to try it. Unfortunately it seems that the pinky tones didn't mesh well with my olive skin, but I'm definitely willing to try it a few more times to see if I can work it out. I've thought of possibly mixing Sun Beam and High Beam so maybe I'll try that and see what happens.

Stay Don't Stray is a "360 degree primer for concealers and eye shadows" and it really is exactly that. I use this a lot with my concealer and the one thing I really love about it is how much it brightens the area under my eyes. It holds my concealer like none other, so I'm pretty excited to try this with shadows! I'm not sure it's a product that I need to own, but I definitely love using it and having it around.

Overall I'm pretty happy with this mini set and it was definitely worth $12 (if not more). I have a feeling that I'm starting to grow a serious addiction to Benefit products, and I do have a bunch more things I want to try from them (*cough* POREfessional, CORALista, Hello Flawless! etc etc *cough*).

What are your favorite Benefit products? Any recommendations on what I should try next?


  1. I really like That Gal and Lemon Aid.

    1. Oh! I was looking into getting That Gal. What's it like? x

  2. I got something like this from boots but it was the 'Tan about town' kit with hoola bronzer, bad gal lash and some kinda foundation faker. If I see this one I will try it out xx

    1. What did you think of that kit? I was looking into getting it but not sure about it! x

  3. I was hesitating on going and purchasing the bad girl lash mascara and i think you just sold me on it :) I totally need to try it!!



  4. wow, that's such a good price for those little goodies! I'll definitely be looking into that primer now that i've seen this :)


    Jess x


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