01. This picture is ridiculous. Hah! :)

02. Sorry I've been a terrible blogger. I have so much going on. I've been in a massive amount of pain because of my knee. I saw an orthopedic doctor who told me a few things: that my knee caps are slightly angled, that my knees are misaligned, that I have plica syndrome because of this, and a few other things. I also went to my first session of physical therapy on Friday – I now have to go three times a week for ~1 month or so.

03. I'll be getting all four of my wisdom teeth removed within the next two weeks. I'm seriously anxious/scared for that.

04. I picked up a copy of This Is Not A Book and it's fantastic! I love it!!

05. Blogging should resume to being a few posts a week again! Let's see how this goes <3


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