I Heart Wildfox

I can't deny the fact that I am totally and utterly infatuated with everything that Wildfox Couture does. With every new season I fall even more in love. I continually find myself unconsciously visiting and adoring their online shop, waiting for the day where I can own each and every miraculous item of clothing that they produce. A girl can dream, can't she? Who doesn't love their brilliantly adorable tees and fun and flirty dresses? The simplicity that seems so fun, and yet, elegant. It's all so perfect.

C’est l’amour ou juste Wildfox?

photos via Wildfox blog


  1. I love these images! Great inspiration!

    Fox Whiskers

  2. Great picture picks! I am also a huge fan of Wildfox! :o)



  3. i love these pics! great inspiration for my photography coursework hehehe :) xx

  4. Wildfox is perfect, isn't it?

    Cheyenne: so glad I could inspire you with these pics! xx

  5. hai, i can't help but to comment you, did you take the picture yourself? it's so great, i love the color pallet of your pictures, it's vintage chic.
    can you follow my blog too?
    thanks, xoxo. Pricilia Chang


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