Favorite bloggers. Oh yes.

I've been so busy this week (we're in the NYC/Brooklyn cat sitting for a friend), so I figured I'd do something a little different. I've been reading/following blogs like crazy but I totally want to feature some of my favorites.

Cintia of BerriesLoveBeauty is so adorable; I couldn't possibly talk more highly of her blog. She dresses in the cutest clothes and always has something awesome to say. Her pictures are awesome, and her taste in fashion is even better. Her latest post about her strawberry nails is one of the most awesome things I've seen in a while. Totally check her out.

Lauren Woodward. Brunette. Gorgeous. Down to earth. Her outfits are different than most of the people I follow but even so, hello fabulous! Featuring her Alexander Wang bag in tons of posts, she totally makes me want to drop $900 on a handbag.

Miss Maja Ravn is ridiculous (in the best way possible). Seriously. She's young, gorgeous, and has an amazing amazing amazing sense of style. Check out her blog and see for yourself -- she doesn't disappoint.

http://www.lusttforlife.com/ holds a bit of sentiment for me. I've been reading Olivia's blog for-freaking-ever, and I love it just as much as I did on the first day I found it. She's chic, classy, and has the best vintage pieces. She's made me fall in love with Spanish Moss and reminds me every day why I can't wait to move to California.

This is Sydney. Not only does she have fantastic taste in clothes, but she blogs about her life, her loves, and just about anything else she can think of. Her and her hubby are the cutest things ever (aside from Richard and I, of course ;) and I love reading about their adventures, life, and clothes. Check 'em outtttt!

I hope you love these as much as I do! I have so many more favorites, but these ladies deserved some honorable mentions this week! Which blogs do you read/love? Who do you think should be featured in weeks to come? Let me know!

As usual, click through! <3

It's summer, that calls for a wardrobe update - fancy any of these summer dresses anyone?


  1. I love blog features, I always end up discovering amazing blogs I probably wouldn't have found otherwise. These are no exception.
    Great post x

  2. Thanks for these blogs! I've only read lust for life and will check out the others now :) I like:


    All fellow Aussies :)

  3. Nice post, thanks for sharing! I'll take a look at their blogs!

  4. I love posts like this <3
    I love discovering new blogs :)xx

  5. Thanks everyone! :) Glad you guys enjoyed it. <3 xx

    MADDY THANK YOU! I need some new blogs in my life :) Esp Aussies!

  6. i love all of these bloggers too. i enjoy yours as well!

  7. Thanks for sharing these, I love finding new blogs to read even though I follow too many already. I will definitely check these ones out, you made them sound really interesting.

    I enjoy your blog as well, hopefully you will be able to settle in San Francisco soon :)


  8. I love when people do posts like these, cant beat discoverng new blogs (including yours!!)

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