Christian Dior Fall 2011 RTW

I love Dior's fall 2011 RTW line for a multitude of reasons. The array of colors, the super-sexy-even-while-fully-covered look, and of course, the classic essence of femininity that never ceases to exist in any Dior collection. Fall seems to be all about the detail and drama with a little dash of romance; electric blues paired with deep magentas, pale pinks accented by light tans and baby blues. Leather and fur seem to be the accessories of choice -- while we do get to see a bit of suede, some sunglasses, and a few big hats. There really isn't a piece here that I don't absolutely adore but that's not at all surprising. This collection is absolutely charming and encompasses a little bit of everything that I enjoy. Whether you're super girly, casually chic, or a plain (but fashionable) Jane, there's something here for you to fall in love with.

photos via nymag.com


  1. Obsessed with that frilly little blue number! It's the perfect "modern" Dior dress. Definitely feminine but updated with the shorter length. Thanks for sharing!


    Sassy Stylista

  2. Me too! It's super adorable, I totally agree with you! You're welcome, and thanks for stoppin' by! <3


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